Planned projects


I have known the Rigsaw rider Samu since 2012. I have always visited him at his location and have ridden his bike a lot. Now this very bike has become quite outdated. I would like to get a new Rigsaw for Samu. 


The financing is already secured. 


Focus women

This spring, much of my visit to Chheskam will be about women. I will travel to Chheskam with a local doctor and an employee of Local Womens. The women will not only be examined and advised, but will also learn to make things themselves and sell them. Then we will start a course where the women can learn to read and write. I am already looking forward to this project.

Fence around the school

To keep unauthorized people away from the school, it is important that the school gets a fence. We don't want the computers to be stolen

Connect 35 more houses to the water supply system

We continue with our water supply. Chheskam is a big village with different districts. Our goal is to connect all of them to the new water supply. A large part has already been financed.