Planned projects

Water project

In our village Chheskam, the locals get sick regularly. One of the reasons for this is the quality of the water. They have water in the village, but the old pipes are very outdated and the water tanks are not cleaned. This leads to polluted water. On my last visit to Chheskam, we arrived with two engineers. We looked for a new source and found it. Then the way back to the village was surveyed. The engineers then sent us a summary of the costs.
The costs for our water project will be about CHF 90,000. We are urgently in need of donations!!! Help us to improve the water quality in Chheskam.


I have known the Rigsaw rider Samu since 2012. I have always visited him at his location and have ridden his bike a lot. Now this very bike has become quite outdated. I would like to get a new Rigsaw for Samu. 


The financing is already secured.