Computerroom and Libary

The new computer room and library has been completed and inaugurated. The children as well as the adults of Chheskam are very happy to be able to participate in world events through computers. The new English books are well integrated into the lessons and the children are making great progress.

We thank the Peter Baumann Foundation who made all this possible for us.

Great workers

It is unbelievable how quickly the construction is progressing. The locals of Chheskam are great workers. They are giving the Denam School of Chheskam a whole new image and new perspectives. Soon new students can be taught in the new classroom.

The construction is proceeding rapidly

A whole village helps. We can employ 39 workers a day to help build the new building. For the locals, this is not only a welcome change, but also an opportunity to make money. If the construction goes on so quickly, the building for the new classrooms and staff rooms will be ready soon.

New classroom new staff room

We have started our new project.
We are building a building with new classrooms and a staff room. Our school is becoming very popular and the existing classrooms are too few.

To build the new building, the old, very dilapidated building must first be demolished. We have calculated that it would be cheaper for us to leave the old building instead of renovating it. We can use part of the old foundations for the new building, which saves us costs again.