Project trip 2022

When things are successful, you should repeat them. I thought so too, and organized a next project trip. This time it was longer, more strenuous. Yes, maybe it was too much, but you only know afterwards. In any case, it was very, very nice. This time there were even 12 friends. In the beginning, we knew each other only a little bit. But I can say that in these 27 days we have grown very much together. We had an incredible time together. On our 25-day trek with only blue skies we: crossed four 4000 meter passes, climbed the 6135 meter high Lobuche Peak and climbed the 5300 meter high Gokjio Ri, in total we walked 205 kilometers and made 13'800 meters of altitude.
We slept in 18 different lodges and one high camp, sometimes better sometimes worse, sometimes it was warm enough sometimes not. The food was always great. Nobody got seriously sick or injured. Of course there were days when we felt bad, but the good group dynamics helped everyone to overcome the one or other crisis. A really successful trip. :) But it was too long, sometimes too exhausting. If I repeat this next year, then certainly in a shorter, easier version. One learns. :)

Thank you to everyone who came along. It was amazing, you guys were amazing!!! Thank you so much for the great experiences. I am proud of you guys!!!