Project Trip October 2019

Ever since we founded Swiss Hope Sherpa, the question has always been, where do we use all the money? So we came up with the idea to make a project trip, so that the donors see directly where their money is used. So I asked the donors who would like to come along. After some time then have registered next to me 8 more. 3 came for 2 weeks, 6 for a month. In the foreground, of course, were my projects. Then, together with Pasang, I put together a trip where I had run off in the spring.
So we started our trip on October 1st and flew to Kathmandu. After shopping, briefing and welcome evening, our journey started.
We traveled from Kathmandu to Phablu by jeep, then we walked to Chheskam in 5 days. Then arrived at the village, the school had prepared a big ceremony for us. We were greeted and treated like kings. The schoolchildren, the teachers almost the whole village had come to greet us. My friends were very excited and proud to have helped here at the school with their donations. After the speech and some dance performances, we still have the children's clothes brought along. It was an unforgettable experience. Then there was a visit to our two family houses. The visit to Chheskam was a complete success!
Then came the separation of the group, because 3 of us had to travel home earlier. So they ran to Lukla where they flew to Kathmandu the next day and then home.
We others went on for another two weeks. First on the 6500 meter high Mera Peak, then on the Amphu Labsta Pass in Khumbu Valley and also to Lukla.
The project trip was a complete success. All 9 were never seriously ill, and have endured the height very well, which is not self-evident. I would like to thank all those who came along. It was an amazing time.
Maybe we will repeat that. :)