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We are in the process of opening our own trekking company. The co-operation with Lhakpa, Pasang's brother, is good, but sometimes complicated. If we have our own company, we don't always have to go through Lhakpa, but can organise everything ourselves. The plan is that we will have set up the company by the time of our expedition in 2024. Initially, we will start with our project trips, then we will add more and more trips, even without a visit from Chheskam. With this new company, we can also advertise Swiss Hope Sherpa, as 5% of every trip booking goes to our organisation.
For the time being, however, everything will continue to run through Lhakpa's company until we can open our own.

Expedition 2024

We are planning our first expedition at the end of October 2024. We will climb the 7200 metre high Baruntse. This project trip requires a high level of physical endurance. Experience at altitude is of course an advantage. To make the most of your expedition or challenging trek, you need to be fit and healthy. You don't need to be an athlete, but a good level of general fitness is important. As a guide, you should be able to complete an 8km hike with a 600m elevation gain carrying a 10kg rucksack in 2 ½ hours or less. This should be on a normal trail at an altitude of up to 3000 metres. For any expedition or challenging trekking, you should be able to do this and repeat it on several consecutive days. It is therefore an advantage if you are in top physical condition, have mental resilience, perfect handling of ice axe and crampons and experience of the Western Alps. A talent for improvisation and communication are also basic requirements. You should be able to work in a team and enjoy helping with any work that needs doing. In preparation, you should train intensively at least 3-5 times a week.
Information about the mountain:

The mountain resembles an almost perfect ice pyramid. Its flanks drop steeply in all directions with ice and snow. Baruntse lies at the centre of three glacier valleys: the Imja, Hunku and Barun valleys. Its neighbouring mountains are Island Peak, Cho Polu and Num Ri.
Compared to other 7,000-metre peaks, Baruntse is relatively easy to climb via the normal route and offers a very high summit success rate.

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Project trip 2025

We are planning our project trip to Makalu Base Camp at the end of October 2025. For this trip you have to reckon with about four weeks. We will announce the exact date when you register.
The trek to Makalu Base Camp is one of the toughest treks Nepal has to offer. You can walk for at least 6-8 hours in difficult terrain and have a very good level of physical fitness. This trek is not as well known as other trekking destinations in Nepal, so the remote trails are not heavily travelled. The trail to the base camp of the world's fifth highest peak is one of the country's forgotten trekking routes. This is a perfect trek for adventure seekers who want to explore the remote areas of the Himalayan country and learn about the Himalayan culture and lifestyle of people living at higher altitudes.

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