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Peter Baumann Foundation

We would like to thank the Peter Baumann Foundation very much. You assume all costs of our school library including new inventory. You will become the "goddess" of this project. We thank you for the great trust and we are happy for Chheskam that the school library will be ready soon.
According to the motto: "Anyone who has the chance and the luck to acquire a good education or wealth also has the duty to stand up for the less privileged", the Peter Baumann Foundation supports other organizations. More information at:

ISWARI Switzerland

When buying vegan products from ISWARI Switzerland, customers have the opportunity to support us. So far we have been able to credit our account with a little more than CHF 400.

Thank you for this great support.

Those who have seen the poorest of the world feel rich enough to help!

(Quote: Albert Schweizer)