Planned projects

Water supply

Now we want to build 120 more wells.

In Chheskam, we have already been able to build 120 wells. Water supply is an important and central issue. Water should be within reach of everyone in the world. Clean and good quality drinking water goes for generations. We have succeeded in implementing this in Chheskam.
The next step is the development of Ward 3 (District 3). Our goal is to build another 120 wells, Ward 3 is the largest district in Chheskam. In order to implement this project, a new well had to be found. This was successfully done. The specialists have already surveyed and documented everything. To realise this project we need about CHF 120'000! Now we are looking for sponsors.

For woman

Special underpants for women when they have their period.

New collaboration with Days for Girls in Nepal. They produce special underpants when the women have their period I had a good conversation with Maya, one of the women of the organization. Now our goal is that Maya will go with us on the next project trip to Chheskam in October. Then she can make the presentation on site and our group will be there. She will show the women exactly how they have to put on the underpants and wash the inserts. Then she will tell them something about the female body and why we have this cycle at all. :) Now we hope very much that we will find a date that we can travel together to Chheskam. Would be much easier also because of the transport.