Every metre of altitude counts:

In the beginning there is an idea, then comes the realisation. :)

It's not always easy to find sponsors. That's why I've chosen something very special, maybe even a little freaky. Next year I will be celebrating a special number, I will be 44. I have always celebrated these special days, even though I don't usually think much of birthdays, this is the one that I emphasise. And next year in autumn, especially. I want to climb the 7176 metre high Baruntse. This mountain lies between Everest and Makalu. I'm lucky that I can handle the altitude very well. As you know, I have already climbed the 6476-metre Mera Peak. Now for the Baruntse I have to add another 700 metres of altitude. And why not make a fundraising campaign out of it? Why not, I thought to myself. Now it's up to you, dear readers, whether you want to support me / us. We would be extremely happy if we could expand our water supply with this campaign. Help us and make it possible. And for me it would be an even bigger incentive to make the Baruntse.
Contact us for more information: jeanninemaillard@swisshopesherpa.ch