The School libary and Computerroom is ready

We were able to win the Peter Baumann Fondation as goddess of our school library and computer room. Thanks to this generous donation, we were able to start construction and have already finished it. The computers have even arrived recently. Now the children of Chheskam can learn to use the computer. You can also expand your knowledge with the latest books.

Ready to move in

Unsere neue Schul-Bibliothek und Computerraum ist fertig gebaut. Sobald das aktuelle Festival vorbei ist, werden wir uns um die Inneneinrichtung bemühen: Computer, Englisch- und Schulbücher. 

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir das Gebäude bald eröffnen können. Bibas freut sich auf seinen Computerkurs in Sotang.

Peter Baumann Fondation as a goddess

We would like to thank the Peter Baumann Foundation very much. You assume all costs of our school library including new inventory. You will become the "goddess" of this project. We thank you for the great trust and we are happy for Chheskam that the school library will be ready soon.
According to the motto: "Anyone who has the chance and the luck to acquire a good education or wealth also has the duty to stand up for the less privileged", the Peter Baumann Foundation supports other organizations. More information at:

The dream of a school library

A school library is primarily a space for books and current topics. It should serve as a classroom or reading room. But it can also be used as a place where homework is done or where there is discussion, play, research or writing. Computers will also be available to the students.

The current school material is no longer up to date. The new school material, textbooks and lexicons will soon be available. In Chheskam, too, students should receive the best possible training.

Some of the material for the new building in Chheskam has already arrived or has been processed. Construction will start shortly.