New School uniform

Recently the children of the school in Chheskam also have a new school uniform, the "old" one was very torn and no longer appropriate.

Visit with the project-trip

In October 2019 we were with some of our friends on the way to Chheskam. This trip was called project trip because it was the first time for our friends to visit our projects. For the first time, they were able to see where their donated money was spent on the ground. We traveled from Kathmandu to Phablu by jeep, then we walked to Chheskam in 5 days. Then arrived at the village, the school had prepared a big ceremony for us. We were greeted and treated like kings. The schoolchildren, the teachers almost the whole village had come to greet us. My friends were very excited and proud to have helped here at the school with their donations. After the speech and some dance performances, we still have the children's clothes brought along. It was an unforgettable experience.

2. Visit in Chheskam

On our second visit to Chheskam we were greeted warmly, almost princely.


Our new goal is a library. Their books are good, but not good enough
Now we have to wait until they have made the land purchase.

New school backpacks

Now the time has come, the new school backpacks have arrived at the school in Chheskam. The 83 students are happy about the backpacks. Before that, they only had a small bag when they had one.


Your Swiss Hope Sherpa Team
Jeannine and Pasang Rijni

The new trainers.

visit of Pasang at Chheskam

Since my last visit to Chheskam a lot has happened. Shortly after my departure, the wood for the school benches and tables was beaten. Short time later, this wood became new tables and benches for the children of the school.

A little later, the ordered new school trainers arrived in Lukla near Pasang. And he did not miss the opportunity to personally go to Chheskam to hand it over to the children.

Also visited Pasang our construction sites, regarding the new homes for local people. He visited the woman who can soon move to a new, safe house.


 When we accept projects in Nepal, it is very important to us that everything is produced locally. Thus, the following items are paid by us:


- the landowner who owns the wood or the stones

- the porter who carries the material to the site or for processing

- the processing stations that process the material further

- the porter that carries the finished material back

- or the workers who work on the construction site

new project School Chheskam

Here in Chheskam it's about the following:

The school was rebuilt fairly quickly after the earthquake with funding from the government, locals and a small US organization. But since the 3 years, everyone has left the school again. We will now finance additional school benches and tables, as currently there are up to 6 children sitting on a bench. The wood for this is beaten and processed directly in Chheskam. So we support the people directly on site. Then we will also provide you with a new school uniform, as the current one is in very bad shape. In Nepal, it is common for children to dress uniformly at school. We will have a trainer plus a T-shirt made for you with the logo of the school plus ours. Then 2 children from the village get the chance of us to attend school. So far, it has not been possible for parents to pay school fees.

We also distributed the clothes donated by you to these children. And thanks to the generous donation from Caran d'Ache Switzerland, we were also able to bring them colored pencils. The kids were very happy.