our water project

Weitere 38 Brunnen sind dazu gekommen.

Thanks to a generous donation, we were able to connect another 38 wells. Again, the construction was done during the monsoon season. We were able to provide jobs for many local people. Thanks to the good representation by Dawa, Pasang's brother, and Phurna, our man from Chheskam, the project was successfully completed a week ago. We are very proud that now more houses are connected to the good drinking water.

Thanks to a very generous donation from these two dear Australians, we are able to expand our water supply in Chheskam. Thank you very much.

We were able to complete our largest and most important project to date with great success. Water, what is more important than clean drinking water? For quite some time, the locals in Chheskam were getting sick on a regular basis. This was due to the very outdated and polluted water supply. The temporary water hoses laid above ground were not a permanent solution.

The engineers then traveled back to Kathmandu, where they began the calculation. They promised me that after my return from Lukla, they would be finished with the calculation. I was curious. But indeed it was as I said, we met in their office in the city and they presented their calculation. I was impressed. The amount charged was high, but fair. Now the search for a sponsor began. With all our projects finishing so far, it was relatively easy to find sponsors. But with such a large amount, I was faced with a new dimension. But there is always a solution, as the saying goes. And yes it is true. Thanks to the fact that I run a small mountain restaurant in the summer, I have contact with various guests. Then on a beautiful summer day he was there. The one important guest. He was sitting at a table with a Nepal T-shirt. Of course I had to talk to him. :) So one thing came to another. He is on the board of two foundations in Switzerland. Bingo, the financing of our water project comes about and we can start with the construction.

We decided to take on the big project. The first step was to find a professional engineering company in Nepal. Pasang has such a large network that this was soon found. We were about to meet with the office when the Corona pandemic came. So our planned project stood still for two years. In November 2021, I was finally able to travel to Nepal. There was a lot to do in Kathmandu and a lot to discuss. The two engineers were very enthusiastic about our project. We decided to travel to Chheskam together and get a picture on site. After the visit and the survey, they were able to get down to the calculations.

June 28, 2022 was the groundbreaking of the water project. Today on 09.09.2022 all works could be finished. :) In just under 2 1/2 months the following work was completed:
- the new spring was dug, and neatly finished
- the trench drawn from the spring to the village
- all pipes laid
- 3 stop manholes built
- built 2 tanks with 6500L water capacity each
- built over 60 wells